Here are a selection of works from projects; The Art of Sustainability, Legends & Life. All subjects photographed by Zoë are naturally part of the ongoing ‘Legends’ series.

Legends - Eunice Olumide
Legends - Orlando Bloom
Legends - William Banks-Blaney
Legends - Malcolm Edwards
Legends - Ozwald Boateng
Life - Harriet
Art of Sustainability - Caroline Sciamma Massenet
Life - Jai
Legends - Millie Mackintosh
Legends - Duke of Aymer
Tara St Hill
Legends - Daisy Lowe
Life - Elizabeth
Legends - Andrew Law and Nicholas Stephens
Legends - Eunice Olumide
Legends - HRH Princess Julia
Lisa Moorish
The Art of Austainability - Laura Bailey
Legends - Sir Rod Stewart
Legends - Sarah Reygate
Legends - Nicholas Cullinan
Legends - Lyndell Mansfield
Legends - Paapa Essiedu
Legends - Jonathan Yeo
Legends - Victoria Grant
Legends - Laura Bailey
Art of Sustainability - Rene Macdonald
Legends - Roland Mouret
Legends - Lord Julian Fellowes
Legends - Nolan Browne
Legends - Stephen Webster
The Art of Austainability - Bay Garnett
Life - Malcolm
Legends - Colin Salmon
Legends - David Gandy
Legends - Lorna May Wadsworth
Legends - Tara St Hill
Legends - Alexandra Fullertion
Legends - Eunice Olumide
Legends - Nicholas Stephens
The Art of Austainability - Morven Skiim
Legends - Millie Mackintosh
Arizona Muse
The Art of Austainability - Vanessa
Legends - Eunice Olumide
Legends - Niall Ferguson
Legends - Lyndell Mansfield

About Zoë

Zoë grew up in London, she spent a number of years as a makeup artist in fashion and music, which she feels naturally led her to the art of photography.

'I love the simplicity and purity of black and white photography, there are no distractions. I never tire of it and its iconic status.'

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